If you have walked through Santander you will have noticed the exquisite architectural heritage that the city has. From the houses on Paseo de Pereda to the Casino del Sardinero or the Palacio de la Magdalena.

Within this architecture there are two old mansions: Villa Carmina and Villa Rosa María, which Emilio de la Torriente built in 1898 on Calle del Sol or Calle del Carmen.

After a rehabilitation of the palaces in which additions that distorted the original facades were eliminated and the interiors were redistributed, the Mara Group Hotel Sol Boutique emerged.

There are several types of rooms that we can find in the hotel, but specifically, the double rooms with balcony allow you to enjoy the daily and night life of the city from a privileged point of view.

One of them has the Mood wall-hung unit by B&K on which the Magdalena B porcelain washbasin by Bathco is installed.