Under the slogan “Made by you for you” the new catalogue shows new bathroom products that are comfortable for any style and space.

The use of space is being almost an obsession in the world of interior design and decoration. Houses are getting smaller and we feel the need to take advantage of the spaces and organize each corner. All are made with the most modern design and current aesthetics.

B&K is aware of this and shows a new catalogue based on the customization and optimization of the space through the use of furniture and modular elements. It presents three new collections inspired on different styles with a fun design and focused on younger public.

Mood series allows simple and fun proposals with the combination of furniture with built-in washbasin, accessories and mirrors. They also have a wide range of colours that offers maximum customization.

For its part, the Stand UP series looks for functionality through a straight line design that serves to install top counter washbasins. Inspired by the Scandinavian style, the legs narrow as they descend, bringing elegance and simplicity. Like the Mood collection, it is also presented in different colours.

For those who are looking for more practical solutions but also new features, B&K presents the Hang Out collection. It is a series of functional furniture (with washbasin) that is installed hang out to facilitate the cleaning of floors. Its design based on straight lines allows maximum use of space. It is totally closed to favour the visual cleaning of the space and it can be found in two sizes: 38 and 60 cm. wide.

The last section of the catalogue is dedicated to “The Classics“. These are usual references that B&K retrieves for this catalogue. They are timeless models.