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Berlín; new B&K double-pool furniture.


Once again, Bath and Kitchen launches to the market an original and attractive proposal: Berlin Furniture.

Berlin is a trendy design with a double-pool resin washbasin characterized by a new shape based on the junction of two pools, which makes this piece to be unique and smart inviting to enjoy and relax in the bathroom area.

Berlin model is a functional and innovative furniture which provides an ideal solution to optimize the living space.

This cabinet is made of melamine resistant to humid atmospheres, a guarantee of its quality and long life.

Berlin is available in different colours:  white, maple and wengue. The cabinet measures 1200 * 450 * 400 mm, divided in two independent compartments , up-down opening and with measures 600 * 450 * 400 mm. The Duo washbasin and Duo mirror measure 1200 * 450 * 20 mm and 1200 * 500 mm respectively.

Berlin is compatible with the wall-hung cabinet ref. 11.004 in the same colours.

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